Thursday, 16 October 2014

Representation of gender Notes

Luther is a British psychological crime drama television series starring Idris Elba as the title character, Detective Chief Inspector John Luther.
Luther is not a very manipulated character. He is very direct and is not a typical man. His character seems very strong willed as he resists sex temptation. The impression of his role that we perceive is that he is an interrogator/investigator. Luther keeps his private life very private which could suggest he is secretive.

He seems very confident and we can tell this by the way he speaks very clearly and loud at times.

His appearance is very smart but xasual smart as he is not a specific police officer yet a detective.
His partner is the video is te women , she is perceived to be a "slag" as she refers to sex a lot in the video. She seems to be trying to minipulate Luther. Her character is quite sneaky and she seems to have a lot of control between the two. She has a lot of confidence and seems.
The way the shots have been panned out in the clip show what looks like a normal man and women.

we are first shown a man who is straight away being questioned and it seems that he lacks power. Luther is questioned by the woman about his marriage which he is very cagey about and seems to show emotion when this is brought up. Luther however shows he is strong willed character as he resists a sexual audience when the woman appears to becoming on to him and then grabs his face.
Luther comes across as a smarty dressed character who wears a nice suit to work and is an overall nice person which was my first perception of him.

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