Monday, 10 November 2014

Representation of Disability

Why is this clip funny?
This clip is funny because of the reaction of the people who throw the frisbee. Will is the character that throws the frisbee and his face is priceless when he sees that the frisbee is heading for the disabled girl. All his friends start to run off and leave him in a very awkward and embarrassing situation. What makes this clip even funnier is that the girl is very vulnerable and because of her disability she cant run away or avoid the frisbee hitting her in the face. The thing that makes me laugh most about this clip is will's reaction when he profusely starts repeating "sorry, oh my god, i am so sorry" as well as the girls friends reaction which is to shout and call him an "idiot" whilst the disabled female is crying. In the end will tries to grab the frisbee and results in all of the "lads" playing football running after him shouting "he just nicked that girls frisbee". In this situation it has completely back fired on will as at the start he was trying to get a "fit" girls attention by throwing the frisbee but ended up in him; hitting a disabled girl in the face, loosing his frisbee and getting chased by a group of lads whilst loosing all his friends on the way.

How is the disabled girl represented?

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