Monday, 8 September 2014

5x5 songs:
Jamie t- Zombie- catchy
Vampire weekend-white sky-good to sing along to
Courteeners-summer- Really good tune
 Edward Sharpe and the magnetic zeros- Home- different and unique
Tame impala- Elephant- catchy

5x5 albums:

Vampire weekend- best album yet!
Artic Monkeys- saw them live, were brilliant!
Kasabian- Give an amazing atmosphere
Crystal fighters- only have to listen to once then your hooked
Flume- best remix’

5x5 Films

How I live now- really different
Gangster squad- action packed
Easy A- very funny and best actress involved
The great Gatsby- best theme, so intresting and an unexpected ending
Clueless- old time favourite film

5x5 Comedians

Kevin hart- Hilarious has humor that our age would find funny
Micheal macentyer- Best comedian in the UK
Jim carrey- can play any sort of character and still make them hilarious
Tim minchen- Incorperates songs into his comedy
Seth rogen- funniest actor comedian

5x5 tv programmes

Orange is the new black- weird as it’s a true story
Friends- all time favourite, know them off by heart
How I met your mother- unexpected ending
New girl- funny and good actress
Skins- episode 3&4 were the best!!

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  1. Like many of your peers you have an eclectic taste. You also have an aversion to capital letters.

    Thank you for ruining the end of How I met Your Mother for me.