Monday, 29 September 2014

Skins Season 1 Episode 1

Teenage stereotypes Hoodies, intimidating, smoking, antisocial, drugs, lazy, rude, partying, inconsiderate, selfish, dramatic, moaners, moody, grumpy, underage sex/ pregnancy, sleep a lot/ or too much, self absorbed, self obsessed, loud, poorly dressed, shocking dress sense, self harm, stupid. Tony stereotypical rebellious teenager-disobeying dad helps sister (not snitching on her) underage (party/club?) sex/lust- gazing at the MILF across the road narcissistic-obsessed with himself, looking at himself in the mirror works out, clothes, careful about his appearance lonely- quilt cover- an and women looking at women shows he's straight church bell, birds eye view half his face is lit up already awake, in-between manipulating, controlling, obsessive Nausea book, intelligent stylish rather than fashionable smart-chinos, plain red shirt black v neck, white shoes page boy hair neat obsessive nature- OCD polite-passive aggressive-control retro film posters

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