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Les Miserables & The Avengers

Les miserables Les Misérables is a 2012 British romantic musical historical drama film produced by Working Title Films and distributed by Universal Pictures. The film is based on the 1862 French novel by Victor Hugo and is bout the French revaluation.The film is directed by Tom Hooper, scripted by William Nicholson, Boublil, Schönberg, and Herbert Kretzmer, and stars a very famous cast led by Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, and Amanda Seyfried. The film premiered in London on 5 December 2012, and was released on 25 December 2012 in the United States, on 26 December 2012 in Australia, and on 11 January 2013 in the United Kingdom. It won the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy for Hugh Jackman and the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture for Anne Hathaway. Not only that but it also won British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA, received eight Academy Award nominations and and won three, for Best Sound Mixing, Best Makeup and Hairstyling and Best Supporting Actress. The film tht was meant to be made in 1992 was abandoned until 2005 when interest in turning the musical into a film adaptation had begun. In 2009, producer Eric Fellner began negotiations with Mackintosh to acquire the film's rights and concluded it near the end of 2011. Nicholson then wrote the draft within six weeks time.In March 2011, director Tom Hooper began negotiations to direct Les Misérables from the screenplay by William Nicholson, Production on the film officially began in June. in September 2011 to January 2012 the cast had finally been chosen and everyone had specific roles.With a production budget of $61 million filming locations in England included Boughton House, Winchester College, Winchester Cathedral Close, Her Majesty's Naval Base Portsmouth, Chatham Dockyard,St Mary the Virgin Church, Ewelme, South Oxfordshire and Pinewood Studios. The first taster of them film was shown on 26 April 2012 and was a clip of Anne Hathaway singing "I dreamed a dream". The film's vocals were recorded live on set using live piano accompaniments played through earpieces as a guide, with the orchestral accompaniment recorded in post-production, rather than the traditional method where the film's musical soundtracks are usually pre-recorded and played back on set to which actors lip-sync.On 27 August 2012, it was announced that recording sessions for Les Misérables would begin in London on 10 October and featured a 70-piece orchestra. On 30 May 2012, the film's first teaser trailer debuted online, on 20 September 2012, an extended first look was released on the film's official Facebook page. On 24 September 2012, a new poster for the film was released on the film's official Facebook page. The poster featured young Cosette, played by Isabelle Allen.[85] Posters featuring Jean Valjean, Javert, Fantine, and Cosette were later released on 12 October, with more posters of Thénardiers and Marius released on 1 November 2012. Les Misérables was originally going to be released on 7 December 2012 before it was moved to 14 December; however, on 18 September 2012, the film's release date was moved back to 25 December, so as not to conflict with the opening of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which opened on 14 December. Because of this, it opened alongside Django Unchained. Release date for the United Kingdom was 11 January 2013.On 23 November 2012, Les Misérables was screened for the first time at the Lincoln Center in New York City, which received a standing ovation from the crowd.This was followed by a screening the next day in Los Angeles, which also received positive reviews.Les Misérables premiered on 5 December 2012, at the Empire, Leicester Square in London. Red carpet footage was screened live online in an event hosted by Michael Ball, the original Marius of the West End. The film was released in select IMAX theatres in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Montreal. Les Misérables earned $148,809,770 in North America and $293,000,000 in other territories for a worldwide total of $441,809,770. In North America, Les Misérables opened on 25 December 2012 in 2,808 theatres, placing first at the box office with $18.1 million.This amount broke the record for the highest opening day gross for a musical film, previously held by High School Musical 3: Senior Year, and was also the second highest opening day gross for a film released on Christmas Day. It earned $27.3 million in its opening weekend, placing third behind Django Unchained and The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.[95] The film was released in the United Kingdom on 11 January 2013 and earned £8.1 ($13.1) million in its opening weekend, making it the largest opening weekend for a musical film, as well as for Working Title. The Avengers The Avengers, is a 2012 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name, produced by Marvel Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.1 It is the sixth installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The film was written and directed by Joss Whedon and features an ensemble cast including Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston, Clark Gregg, Cobie Smulders, Stellan Skarsgård, and Samuel L. Jackson. Casting began in October 2008 with Downey's signing.Though Don Cheadle was also reported to be reprising his Iron Man 2 role of War Machine for The Avengers, he later stated that he did not think the character would appear in the film. At the same time, two major prospects occurred for Marvel: Jon Favreau was brought in as an executive producer for the film,and the company signed a long-term lease with Raleigh Studios to produce three other big-budget films—Iron Man 2, Thor (2011), and Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)—at their Manhattan Beach, California complex. Lou Ferrigno, who voiced Hulk in The Incredible Hulk, stated that he would be involved in the film. In February 2009, Samuel L. Jackson signed a nine-picture deal with Marvel Entertainment to play Nick Fury in Iron Man 2 and other films. In September 2009, Edward Norton, who played Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk stated that he was open to returning in the film. The next month, executive producer Jon Favreau stated that he would not direct the film, but would "definitely have input and a say". Favreau also expressed concerns, stating, "It's going to be hard, because I was so involved in creating the world of Iron Man, and Iron Man is very much a tech-based hero, and then with Avengers you're going to be introducing some supernatural aspects because of Thor... [Mixing] the two of those works very well in the comic books, but it's going to take a lot of thoughtfulness to make that all work and not blow the reality that we've created".In March 2009, actress Scarlett Johansson replaced Emily Blunt in portraying Natasha Romanoff in Iron Man 2, a deal that subsequently attached her to The Avengers.The female superhero Wasp was included in an earlier draft of the script written before Johansson's involvement. The following day, Marvel announced that the film's release date had been pushed back to May 4, 2012, almost a full year later. Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston joined the film's cast in June, returning as Thor and Loki, respectively.

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