Monday, 8 September 2014

My Representation
My representation of myself would be main stream/indie. I told seem to follow unusual or different trends, I seem to keep quite within the supposed normal aspect of a mainstream group.

The type of clothes I wear in my opinion show I am mainstream as I wear things such as converse, jeans and tops, nothing is ever out of the ordinary. My friends definitely have an impact of the types of clothes I wear, when I see something I think looks nice or I like on them I will most likely buy something similar. Although I try not to copy what other people wear it is difficult sometimes as the shops I shop at are very high street stores such as Top shop, Zara, Miss Selfridge and h&m. My wardrobe consists a lot of black white and greys but I do not feel as though this reflects a so called “Goth” background. I own a pair of doc martins which were in the category of “mod” and “skin heads” but I definitely do not class myself in either of those “tribes”.
The type of music I like can vary a lot depending what mood I am in, I like bands such as, Vampire weekend, Crystal Fighters, Gorrilaz, Kasabian, Artic Monkeys, Tame impala, The vaccines, Foster the People, The Courteeners and occasionally like listening to The Clash, The Stone Roses and Morrissey/The smiths ( this is mostly due to my friends music taste). Most of these are not mainstream music as I associate Main stream music as things like chart music/pop songs.  So therefore I think my music taste would be more indie than anything else.

The type of media I like is things such as Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.I spend a lot of my time on these websites either uploading things myself or looking at what others have uploaded. I think this would be classed as main stream/indie.
The type of celebrity I aspire to be like or like the way they dress/listen to or how they generally are is Angelina Jolie and Cara Delivinge. Angelina Jolie has a very classy and specific taste, she never seems to wear casual clothes where as Cara Delivinge does.

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